The sixth day

Today we are on the road to Jordan. After crossing the border we drive up to Mt. Nebo, about ten miles east of the northern tip of the Dead Sea. This is the spot where God showed Moses the promised land of Canaan, but also told him that he would not live to take possession of the land (Numbers 20:6-12). We know that Moses lived out his 120 years of life somewhere on this 2700 ft. tall mountain. Franciscan monks have guarded the area for many years and have erected a church and monastery on this site which has been … Continue reading The sixth day

Day two begins

Despite a cold and rainy beginning to our day, our spirits were lifted by the heights of Mt.Tabor, the site of our Lord’s transfiguration from the human to the divine, the prophecy fulfilled,the Word made flesh amongst the prophets Elijah and Moses! The Site of the transfiguration of our Lord Jesus Christ is witnessed by two modern monasteries, one catholic and one Greek Orthodox, renovations are constantly being attended to by monks and nuns. Jesus is revealed in His glory atop this beautiful mountain (Mark 9:2-8) Continue reading Day two begins