More Northern Michigan Goodies!

After a relaxing afternoon boating and fishing with friends on East Twin Lake in Lewiston, Michigan we reap the bounties of this wonderful, relaxed way of life. A 3.5 pound large mouth bass makes a delicious dinner when accompanied by braised Brussels sprouts with bacon and garlic. I cook the bass en papiotte, Michigan style. After cleaning and descaling, stuff cavity of bass with sliced scallions, lemon slices, and a little butter. Season liberally with thyme, salt, pepper, olive oil, and a splash of white wine. Wrap up tightly with heavy duty aluminum foil. Bake in a 425 degree oven … Continue reading More Northern Michigan Goodies!

Northern Michigan’s Finest Retro Burger

Flat top grilled soft bun. Grilled Ground beef pattie. American cheese. Dill pickle slices. Lettuce and tomato. You add your own condiments…if you think it isn’t ABSOLUTELY PERFECT the way it is….drip, drip, drip….wipe your mouth off and have one of the hand-cut fries. A 3 hour car ride north of Detroit, and another world away in northern Michigan. Come visit Lewiston, Michigan for the Talley’s burger of your dreams! Continue reading Northern Michigan’s Finest Retro Burger

Northern Michigan for the Fourth

There is no place like Northern Michigan in the summertime! There, I’ve said it! I’ve laid down the gauntlet, so I’m taking all comers to prove me wrong! Whether it’s the Cherry Festival in Traverse City, a bike ride on Mackinac Island, a swim in one of the hundreds of fantastic inland lakes, a boat ride on one of the Great Lakes, the Dunes of Sleeping Bear, this state has no competitors when the sun is shining. We love to spend summer days playing golf and enjoying Garland Resort in Lewiston, Michigan, a sleepy little former logging town about 2/3 … Continue reading Northern Michigan for the Fourth