A wondrous place remembered

I first began this blog as a journal of my trip to the Holy Land in 2012. Whilst traveling in Madaba, Egypt in the Sinai penninsula, we had the opportunity to learn about an icon of the Theotokos called Panayia Tricherousa.  According to the priest in residence at a certain St George Orthodox Church, an icon of Mary holding Jesus appeared to acquire a third hand during an evening service at the tiny church.  Many subsequent miracles have been attributed to the three-handed icon and it now remains housed behind a glass enclosure with many visiting pilgrims.  After reading the … Continue reading A wondrous place remembered

More of day six

These icons are made of tiny mosaic pieces of ceramic that have been made in Madaba for centuries. The city of Madaba is known as a source of the beautiful ancient art form of mosaics. We visited a shop where these unique pieces are made. It is quite fascinating and time intensive! Next, we drove to the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George in Madaba to see some of the beautiful mosaic iconography as well as a sixth century A.D. mosaic map of the Holyland which was uncovered on this site. The pictures below are of an icon that was … Continue reading More of day six