Day five continues…

Now we begin to travel along the Via Dolorosa, or more commonly referred to as the stations of the cross, the passion of the Christ. The pictures you see above are from the Church of Flagellation. John 19:1-16 The ring of thorns worn on Christ’s head during His imprisonment and “trial” make a stunning impression on the pilgrims who visit this beautiful church. I hope that these pictures do it justice. I believe the iconography in these churches tell this well known story best. He suffered greatly for our sins! Continue reading Day five continues…

Day five …finally

We began the day at the Western Wall, or the wailing wall…a very sacred place for the Jewish people. It is also the site of Mt. Moriah or the Temple Mount. We each got a chance to touch the wall…there is such a feeling of gravity here for me. The side that women can touch is quite a bit smaller than the men’s side so I have included my husbands photos to show that many synagogue groups come there to celebrate the Jewish rite of Bar Mitzvah, etc. That is to say that the wall is not just for wailing … Continue reading Day five …finally

Day four

We began our day a little later due to the late night, but quickly felt the excitement of being in this holiest of cities. We are just outside the gates of the city. In the distance you can see Mt. Zion. The next few pictures are of the East Wall, the garden of Gethsemane , and the Basilica of Agony next to the garden. The large rock in the church is the very rock that Christ fell upon when He learned His destiny from His Father( Matthew 26:36-42). It is quite a contradiction to look upon the beautiful ancient olive … Continue reading Day four

Three/four and more

Good Sunday Morning all! We have arrived at the Holy City of Jerusalem. Our accommodations at the Grand Hotel are quite nice, and we are all filled with new vigor for the magnificence of our faithful discoveries. The first pictures you see are of the actual rock beneath Christ’s tomb at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. This place is actually a cluster of several buildings, the oldest of which was built by St. Helen, the mother of Constantine the Great, in 335AD, on the very spot where it is believed Christ was crucified and buried. The lower photos are … Continue reading Three/four and more

More third day wonders

The name of Jericho quite possibly means “place of fragrance”, and the area surrounding this ancient city is prized for its verdant nature. While in Jericho, we tour a church at the site of the sycamore tree which St. Zachaeus climbed in order to see Jesus (Luke 19:1-10). A portion of this ancient tree is seen behind glass in the courtyard of this tiny church. We sampled sycamore nuts and dried fruits and enjoyed a lunch of local dishes al fresco. This is the site of the epic battle of Jericho where the wall came tumbling down with the power … Continue reading More third day wonders