More third day wonders

The name of Jericho quite possibly means “place of fragrance”, and the area surrounding this ancient city is prized for its verdant nature. While in Jericho, we tour a church at the site of the sycamore tree which St. Zachaeus climbed in order to see Jesus (Luke 19:1-10). A portion of this ancient tree is seen behind glass in the courtyard of this tiny church. We sampled sycamore nuts and dried fruits and enjoyed a lunch of local dishes al fresco. This is the site of the epic battle of Jericho where the wall came tumbling down with the power … Continue reading More third day wonders

Day three

We have left the Hotel Golan which was our home base in Tiberias and are traveling south to the actual site of Christ’s baptism by St. John. We will continue on to Jericho and Jerusalem this afternoon. We all received a special blessing from Father Nick as we stood at the very spot where St. John the Baptist baptized Jesus. (See Matthew 3:3-17)This site is different from Nayarit (the site visited by most Christian pilgrims as shown in yesterday’s post), as it lies alongside the border of Israel and Jordan. As I stand at this site I think fondly of … Continue reading Day three