Bounty of the season

Northern Michigan farmers markets are abundant with eggs of all sorts, pork products, locally raised beef, young plants for planting, honey and maple syrup,and ramps…also called young leeks here. Tonight’s dinner is a mix of several of the above with a little experimental twist. My first attempt at a favorite restaurant’s deviled eggs is a smash hit with my hubby (the unofficial deviled eggs officianado). Mine are lacking the siracha (hard to find up here) but not the soy and jalapeƱo punch. Boil the eggs for ten minutes, soak in soy sauce for 1 hour, mix yolk with mayo, miso … Continue reading Bounty of the season

My big fat Greek Easter!

The day begins early for the men of the family who rise at eight am to prepare the whole spring lamb to be barbecued al fresco on a spit. Our family has been celebrating Easter this old country way for as far back as I can remember. When my grandfather did it the lamb was skewered on a long wooden pole over a pit in the yard filled with charcoal and wood. First the lamb is spiked with pieces of garlic all over its body and sprinkled inside and out with salt and pepper. Several halved lemons are trussed into … Continue reading My big fat Greek Easter!