Pinpoint accuracy

Any day you find a fine, interesting hometown restaurant is a good day for a foodie.  Downtown Wilmington, in particular Market Street has such a place in Pinpoint Restaurant.  One year new on the night of our visit last Friday, the staff had reason to celebrate, and so they did.  Drink specials and one year old coozies were distributed with abandon, but it’s the food that carries this place.  We decided to graze our way through the menu that night, so I can’t speak to the main courses but if the plates to share are any indication of the chef’s … Continue reading Pinpoint accuracy

Arizona the Beautiful is tasty too!

Something about Arizona puts a spell on me.  The vistas are beautiful…yes…            But it’s more than the beauty…..I feel good here….I feel well here….I feel a sense of calm here…..    I cannot explain it….but I LOVE it! And, I’ve discovered some pretty  awesome eats here in Tuscon……    Let me tell you that name is no mere boast!  This chef is a master at  combining fresh  ingredients and ideas with classic techniques like roasting braising and souvieing.  In a space that doubles as a carry out gourmet/wine market, Feast breaks all the conventions expected in a fine … Continue reading Arizona the Beautiful is tasty too!

Special Foods for Special People

Number one son is coming home for Thanksgiving and momma’s gotta get her groove on in the kitchen because he’s a foodie too. Day by day, I’ll begin the conglomerate of dishes to serve on Thanksgiving, and during the prelude to the big feast. Today, I tackle duck confit. Half a duck, kosher salt,3 bay leaves, peppercorns, herbs de provence, 3 cloves of garlic, duck fat and vegetable oil into the ceramic pot. Cover and cook at 260 degrees fahrenheit for 3 hrs 20 minutes. Let it cool in the oil. Remove the meat and reserve for duck rillette later … Continue reading Special Foods for Special People