Nanny knows best.

The whole family has been plagued by some sort of bug that really hit us hard. Massive sinus pressure calls for comfort food. My children’s favorite memory of visits with their grandmother was her Beef Vegetable Soup. So my achy body demanded a batch and I obliged. Tomato juice, cabbage, beef chunks, onions, red and yellow carrots (my addition), beef broth, potatoes and chick peas (also mine) go into the mix. Lots of fresh ground pepper, a little salt to taste…. Some brown bread with butter.. TGFN…thank God for Nanny! Continue reading Nanny knows best.

What’s for Dinner, Mom?

Rainy day comfort food is in order today. I ask Sonny what I can cook for him while he is visiting. He is a man of few words, a Gentle Giant. But a little nudging merits the answer. Corned Beef and Cabbage with boiled vegetables. Perfect for a cold, rainy day in NC. Boil the corned beef with spice package and a few extra peppercorns. Throw in a couple bay leaves. Skim off scum for a clear broth. After one hour add potatoes, carrots, onions and cabbage quarters. Continue cooking for another hour. Remove veggies and top with a couple … Continue reading What’s for Dinner, Mom?