‘Twas the day before Christmas….

Lots of cooking and mise en place to do today. But first breakfast for the family. Fluffy scrambled eggs with homemade sausage gravy is just the ticket on a very rainy day before Christmas in North Carolina. After breakfast, time to bake tomorrow’s desert. Start with melted butter in the bottom of a cast iron skillet, add the brown sugar, pineapples, and maraschino cherries….the more the merrier! Finished product is all turned out…. Continue reading ‘Twas the day before Christmas….

Christmas Favorites for Son #2!

It’s Christmastime in North Carolina and Sonny #2 is coming home for a visit. So mama started cooking this week to make all of his favorite dishes while he’s here. My son loves all things salmon. Skin, roe, sushi, lox, and smoked. He also loves to eat gravlax. So naturally, I made him some! Gravlax is an easy cure of salmon with salt, sugar, pepper and usually dill. I switched it up a little this time and used some smoked coarse salt in the curing process. The color and flavor are delightful! Soft and buttery smooth, it is great served … Continue reading Christmas Favorites for Son #2!