Rolled and Tanked

The food at the new Castle Street restaurant Rolled and Baked cannot overcome the following flaws: slow/delayed opening, slow service, erratic hours, small portions with big price tags, no carry-out service, and most annoying… owners and service people who lack experience in the industry. I had high hopes for this cutie…but alas…. Continue reading Rolled and Tanked

Northern Michigan…for breakfast

We have been enjoying wonderful northern Michigan for 15 years at our home in Lewiston.  Hold your hand up like the mitten that Michigan is and Lewiston is about at your middle finger’s knuckle.  That’s how all native Michiganders describe where they live to the uninitiated!  Our full log home has wonderful features. Great views…        A fantastic custom cabinetry kitchen with butcher-block countertops…    A great fireplace for cozy winters….    And, four fantastic Garland Resort golf courses to play on….        But, what we love most are our quiet mornings  together for breakfast. The Farmers Market  in … Continue reading Northern Michigan…for breakfast

More tasty Tuscon

For a food blogger, there’s nothing better than discovering a gem in a city you’re visiting.  For me, it’s especiaally exciting to find a diner that serves up a fresh, fast breakfast and doesn’t gouge you with their prices.  My father’s family were in the restaurant biz for many years, and I have learned to appreciate those early morning warriors who bring us a tasty breakfast on the cheap.  Frank’s/Francisco’s is such a place.  $1.75 breakfast before 9:00am!!!!     Homemade habanero chili hotsauce and all!  Not to be missed if you are an early riser.  Get there if you can! Another … Continue reading More tasty Tuscon

Gluten-Free Eggs Benny

Sunday morning breakfasts are special. This weekend we are celebrating my husband’s birthday early because he will be out of town for his book tour on the 22nd. I have made one of his favorite breakfast treats, Eggs Benedict with a twist. Here’s the dish….from the bottom up! Home fries cooked in duck fat….. Two perfectly poached eggs… Hollandaise sauce and a sprinkle of Old Bay seasoning…. Gluten-Free Eggs Benny! Continue reading Gluten-Free Eggs Benny

Breakfast during the holidays…

Everyone clamors for a good breakfast around holidays in our home. A Spanish Tortilla and Green Eggs with ham are on the menu today. Sauté spinach with finely diced onions and Canadian bacon in a skillet, then add 5-6 eggs beaten with a 1/4 cup whole milk. Add salt and pepper. Add 1 cup shredded cheese of choice (I used a mac n’cheese blend of cheddar, american and jack) and cook on a med-low heat until set. If you can flip the whole thing over..all the better. My Spanish tortilla consists of thinly sliced potatoes lightly browned in olive oil … Continue reading Breakfast during the holidays…