Go with the Flo? Lessons I have learned from surviving a hurricane….

It’s almost a year later…the storm has a new name…but I thought this post bore revisiting. Although I am not physically with my friends and family in Wilmington, NC this time, I definitely am there in spirit… Here’s hoping the Meteorologists are all wrong AGAIN and Wilmington is spared Dorian’s wrath like most of Florida was!! 1.PEOPLE not possessions. 2. If you live on the coast, buy a generator. 3. Flashlights (and batteries) for EVERY room in your house. 4. Keep a supply of non-perishable food items in your pantry AT ALL TIMES. 5. Be patient, kind and helpful when … Continue reading Go with the Flo? Lessons I have learned from surviving a hurricane….

Road Trip 2016

Cross country road trippin’ with my baby girl who’s relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada.  Day 1 began in Washington, DC and meandered through the rolling hills of western Virginia.    Above, the countryside of Winchester, VA.  Below, a larger than life cross in Bristol, VA.    The Volunteer state of Tennessee…      Even got a shot of the Sun Sphere …a last bastion of the Worlds Fair.    Onward to Nashville!!  Home of the Grand Ole Opry!   This town was hopping!  Quite the night life there but we were too beat from the long day of driving so we settled for … Continue reading Road Trip 2016

What Daddy wants…Daddy gets

Who says northerners don’t know ‘que? Pork butt, here we come! When it’s almost Father’s Day and my hubby wants to barbeque, I say let’s do it! First: rub, rub, rub. Second: make marinating sauce to dab on the butt as it takes a long, slow sauna in our combo griller/smoker. Third: make the blue cheese coleslaw. Shredded cabbage and carrots, crumbled blue cheese, mayonaisse, balsamic vinegar, celery salt, sugar, cracked black pepper. Fourth: make special barbecue sauce to spoon on after cooking for extra flavor. Finally: corn on the cob so sweet you can eat it plain. Y├íll come … Continue reading What Daddy wants…Daddy gets