A wondrous place remembered

I first began this blog as a journal of my trip to the Holy Land in 2012. Whilst traveling in Madaba, Egypt in the Sinai penninsula, we had the opportunity to learn about an icon of the Theotokos called Panayia Tricherousa.  According to the priest in residence at a certain St George Orthodox Church, an icon of Mary holding Jesus appeared to acquire a third hand during an evening service at the tiny church.  Many subsequent miracles have been attributed to the three-handed icon and it now remains housed behind a glass enclosure with many visiting pilgrims.  After reading the … Continue reading A wondrous place remembered

Day eight part two..

After a small breakfast, the entire group traveled to the monastery at the base of Mt. Sinai, where we saw the actual descendant plant of the burning bush, the well where Moses met his wife, Zipporah,and the relics of St. Catherine. We were also treated to a viewing of the museum there which holds religious books, icons and writings over 1000 years old! We were not allowed to photograph these for obvious reasons, but their impression was lasting. As a footnote to this wonderful experience, I now feel doubly blessed, if that is even possible, that we all made it … Continue reading Day eight part two..

Update on Egypt

Lest we all forget our 2 and 1/2 hour wait at the Egyptian border with Israel this past Friday, several news sites are a flutter with the detention of Sam LaHood, the son of Ray LaHood, US Secretary of Transportation. Mr. LaHood was detained at the Cairo airport on Saturday evening (the same day we left Tel Aviv), for his connections to a NGO working to promote democracy in Egypt. Let’s all pray for his immediate release and to thank God that our travel was not similarly impeded. Although our time in Egypt was short, I found the Egyptian people … Continue reading Update on Egypt

Day nine

We are back in Israel to spend the night in Eilat….we are on the coast of the Red Sea… This afternoon we will board the bus for the Dead Sea…. And then on to Tel Aviv for our flight home! Some in our group decided to swim in the waters of the Dead Sea. Many tourists come to this area for the restorative properties of the salt And minerals in the water. One cannot stay in the water for more than a few minutes because of the overwhelming mineral content, but is fun to float without even trying! As you … Continue reading Day nine

Day eight…Sinai at sunrise

Day eight began wih our drive into Egypt. We traveled through two country’s checkpoints in order to visit this ancient place. Once settled into the hotel, we ate dinner and slept for a couple hours. Half of our group woke at 2:30am to make the trek up Mt. Sinai for the sunrise. It did not disappoint! Traveling in Moses’ footsteps was humbling to say the least… The last 750 “steps” were the most difficult….but all 17 of us made it! Enjoy the pictures and come soon to do it yourself….if this isn’t on your bucket list, it should be! Update….prayers … Continue reading Day eight…Sinai at sunrise

Our seventh day

Many of our group decided to take the ancient way in to visit the ruins at Petra…..via beasts of burden!! Today we visit the ancient city of Petra. The excavations here of the Nabatean peoples date from the 2nd century b.c. to the 4th century a.d. The pictures cannot do this wondrous place justice! What one needs to understand when looking at these pictures is that all of these cut rock formations are burial sites. We traveled over two miles on foot before we reached the most magnificent tomb, which is called the Treasury. That three story carved pink rock … Continue reading Our seventh day

More of day six

These icons are made of tiny mosaic pieces of ceramic that have been made in Madaba for centuries. The city of Madaba is known as a source of the beautiful ancient art form of mosaics. We visited a shop where these unique pieces are made. It is quite fascinating and time intensive! Next, we drove to the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George in Madaba to see some of the beautiful mosaic iconography as well as a sixth century A.D. mosaic map of the Holyland which was uncovered on this site. The pictures below are of an icon that was … Continue reading More of day six

The sixth day

Today we are on the road to Jordan. After crossing the border we drive up to Mt. Nebo, about ten miles east of the northern tip of the Dead Sea. This is the spot where God showed Moses the promised land of Canaan, but also told him that he would not live to take possession of the land (Numbers 20:6-12). We know that Moses lived out his 120 years of life somewhere on this 2700 ft. tall mountain. Franciscan monks have guarded the area for many years and have erected a church and monastery on this site which has been … Continue reading The sixth day