Go Green…Go White..Go Dakgangjeong

Tailgating for the MSU vs UofM game tonight with one of our family favorites.  Go Green.  Korean chicken wings (Dakgangjeong), roasted shishito peppers, Asian Cole slaw, and deviled eggs japonaise. Go White. So good and never a leftover. Victory for … Continue reading Go Green…Go White..Go Dakgangjeong

Thumbs up fun in the thumb

An afternoon boat ride on Lake Huron yielded no fish for dinner, but family fun nonetheless. A first pass through the Port Sanilac marina revealed to us that this is the place where everyone wants to be on a nice sunny day in August. Especially if you are a sea gull! Seriously great times! Until …… …the storm rolled in! Continue reading Thumbs up fun in the thumb

Third time’s the charm!

Author, author!  Hubby’s third book has officially hit the presses!  The first copies of  The Last American CEO by Jason Vines and Joe Cappy (the real “last American CEO”) have arrived at the house.  This hardcover book is a true insider’s peek into the nasty bits of corporate America/Europe.  It follows the story of the near demise of American Motors until its rescue by Chrysler. Auto enthusiasts will enjoy all of the history and power struggles. Jeep lovers will learn how their favorite vehicle saved three different companies. Every reader will marvel at the international intrigue and espionage involved in … Continue reading Third time’s the charm!

Book Tour/Business Week

Catch Jason Vines this Tuesday, March 22, at noon at Northern Kentucky University as the keynote speaker for Business Week 2016. His speech, “Navigating Communications through a Sea of Lies” will focus on today’s hot topics in politics, business and society.  Jason will have copies of his most recent book Jimmy Hoffa Called My Mom a Bitch for sale at the event and will answer questions about all things Business/PR related.   Jason’s 3rd book, The Last American CEO is available now for pre-order on Amazon.com and will be out in you local bookstores September 15!  It is a fantastic read! Continue reading Book Tour/Business Week

Listen up Detroit!

Jason Vines is filling for Frank Beckmann today and tomorrow on Talk Radio WJR.  You can listen live by going to WJR.com or simply tuning in from 9am- 12pm.  Jason has secured a ton of guests to fill his three hours, some local, some not so!  He will also be discussing his 3 books, politics,the automotive industry, the Flint water crisis and all things Michigan!     There’s never a dull moment when Jason’s involved!  Listen Up! Continue reading Listen up Detroit!

Book #2 is available everywhere!

Post holiday shopping with a Barnes & Noble gift card?  Jimmy Hoffa called my mom a Bitch! Profiles in Stupidity is now available in all stores, even Falls Church, Virginia.  On a recent trip for dim sum at our favorite Chinese restaurant, Good Fortune Seafood, we discovered my husband’s book on the shelves and stopped for a photo-op.    No, it’s not being stocked in the kids section….that’s just Jason’s quirky sense of humor…Buy the book! You’ll understand! Continue reading Book #2 is available everywhere!

When death is a celebration of life…

Often when a person dies our grief overcomes us so much that we forget to celebrate the LIFE that the deceased led.  The lives they touched. The sacrifices they  made. The joy they brought to their friends and loved ones.  My uncle, my father and their friend, whose singing careers were highjacked by the Korean War, loved LIFE. This wonderful article in today’s Detroit News, cronicles just one of the examples of a life well lived. May the memory of these unsung heroes be eternal. Thanks to Neal Rubin for a fantastic piece! http://digital.olivesoftware.com/Olive/ODE/DET/LandingPage/LandingPage.aspx?href=VEROLzIwMTUvMDgvMjU.&pageno=Mg..&entity=QXIwMDIwMg..&view=ZW50aXR5 Continue reading When death is a celebration of life…